New Building Maintenance / Repair

Release your imagination.

Making a new yacht offers you a joyful process of memories that you may never experience again, from being put on a sleigh to going down to the sea. Dolce Vita Marine brings you to the best shipyard and the best people in the business, from design to delivery. It offers you confidence and solutions at every moment of this process.

1 – Choice

Dolce Vita Marine’s new yacht building team will bring you together with great shipyards and famous designers who are respected around the world. Also, we will be following the world yacht market closely in line with the needs of our customers. We’ll always be there for you when you decide the right shipyard and designer .

2 – Design

Dolce Vita Marine new yacht building team examines the design from beginning to end in line with your demands. It works in constant communication with your designer to avoid any surprises. During the construction phase of your new yacht, international regulations are reviewed continuously. At the moment of any change, you and your designer will be informed about the changes to the project.

3 – Contract

Dolce Vita Marine legal department reviews your contract after you have decided on the selection of the shipyard and presents the final version of the agreement to you, making it optimal for you. It keeps you informed in detail by minimizing your risks. He can negotiate anything with the shipyard .

4 – New Boat Construction

Dolce Vita Marine new yacht construction team will help you with the selection of all kinds of materials to be used in the production. They’ll be at the shipyard on your behalf at every stage of production, making sure everything goes right. Will do scheduling-related planning for timely material supply. It will work for delivery on the date specified in the contract. On the delivery day, you will enjoy boarding your specially designed yacht.

5 –  Sea Trial

Dolce Vita new marine yacht building the team, participating in sea trials before delivery of your boat by electronic adjustment of the navigation device, air conditioning testing, testing for stabilizers, generators and machinery testing, the max speed of boat, satellite antenna, accessories for similar try settings and assesses team and shipyard. By following the process on your behalf to resolve any problems, it helps you to take delivery of your new yacht under the requirements of the contract without any issues.

6 – Assurance

Dolce Vita Marine’s new yacht building team has delivered many new yachts to date. We are very proud of our team. To this day, we have put meaning on every new yachts with our customers. We spend every day thinking about what we can do better for you, how we can improve ourselves one step further .


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