Yachting Guide


What kind of yacht would you like to buy?

It is a crucial decision to determine which is suitable for you, whether it is second hand, new build, motor yacht, trawler, domestic build, or among the world brands.

Getting the right boat to the correct price is the critical point in the boat purchase process. Among the yachts in our portfolio, we provide trading services for new or second-hand yachts according to your choice.

Besides, our project management team offers designers and shipyards for your new construction demands.


With our experienced yacht brokers, we provide you with the best price and condition by sharing the yacht you wish to buy with our own and international solution partners by your request.

We offer the best post-purchase service with our professional, experienced Solution Partners, and staff all over Turkey.


Dolce Vita Marine expedites the boat purchase process by following up by contacting financial institutions on your behalf under your preference for alternative leasing and credit options, which will make it easier for you to purchase a brand-new or second-hand yacht.


We are launching the sales process with the professional protocol set out in the scope of international maritime law prepared by our legal department.

By the protocol, the amount of the deposit paid into an impartial account, and the survey operations are initiated. Sales transactions are undertaken according to Survey purchase approval.

During the sales process, operational (port-consulate) legal and financial transactions are carefully followed on your behalf by our agency department and our professional team.


The custom construction of a yacht gives you a different pleasure than the purchase of a ready-to-use yacht.

Our professional team support the issues about contract with the manufacturer shipyard, production process, delivery and planning of payments for you.

After receiving your yacht, the yacht owner will be assured of any problems that may arise during the warranty process provided by the shipyard.

Dolce Vita Marine provides insurance for building new yachts; Rina, ABS, DNW, GL, Lloyd Register, Türk Loyd about certification, and new building management under international Class organizations.


After a 10% payment deposit is taken for the purchase of a second-hand yacht, survey operations are initiated. The remaining part is done simultaneously during the completion of official paperwork on delivery.

In the purchase of a yacht with new construction, payments are made upon completion of the necessary construction stages during the periods specified in the contract with the Manufacturer Shipyard.


If you are building a newly built yacht, you should get the service of an internationally qualified survey company from the start to the end of the project.

Before purchasing a second-hand yacht, after the survey report prepared by the internationally qualified survey company has been evaluated and approved by the buyer, sales operations are initiated.

The essential process of acquisition surveys.


Legal procedures and transactions, flag drop, insurance, professional crew selection, fixed asset control issues are agreed, and payment is made, and legally the yacht is delivered to the new owner.

Dolce Vita Marine successfully follows the process between buyer and seller in the stages mentioned above.


The nationality status of the buyer should be evaluated according to the moorings of the yacht. If the yacht is a second-hand, it must be assessed according to the country’s flag, the tax system with its advantages.

Dolce Vita Marine’s agency will do the sales and subsequent flag registration and flag drop.


Insurance is required to belay your new yacht to the Marina.

The insurance will cover the financial losses of you or the persons or organizations that are a party to the accident, that will be experienced in natural disasters or accidents.

Insurance is a guarantee against the problems that may occur in the construction of new yachts.

Dolce Vita Marine will receive offers from national and international insurance companies on your behalf and help you get the most advantageous insurance.


Another vital issue after owning a yacht is the Marina, where you will belay yacht.

If you want to spend time on your yacht, the city where you live should be your priority, and the town where you start your vacation should be your priority if you want to use only on holidays.

We can offer you marinas with an alternative price advantage according to the city where you will belay yacht.

Marina fees are determined according to the size of your yacht.

Dolce Vita Marine will take advantage of its experience to guide you most accurately.


This process will vary depending on whether the yacht you choose to buy is a new or second-hand yacht.  

When you build a new-build yacht, the yacht captain must be appointed as the project captain for the manufacturer to follow the production of the yacht at the time permitted and to master your yacht. The captain of your yacht can request crew members from us based on the date of delivery of the yacht.

When you buy a second-hand yacht, you should know that each yacht has it’s own unique mechanical, electrical, and electronic equipment. The projects of two different yachts produced in the same factory in the same model and the same year can be carried out by various companies.  

Therefore, each yacht has a different instruction manual. Given these, it is generally taken care of to have a technical crew from the old team within the crew members you want on the yacht.

It’ll be advantageous that crew members are familiar with the manufacturer of the new or second-hand yacht you buy.

Dolce Vita Marine will help you find the crew  member you are looking for.


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